You can adjust your email settings and unsubscribe directly from the platform or at the bottom of every email you receive from the platform.

To unsubscribe from the platform, go to your profile which is located at the top right hand corner of the screen, choose Settings from the drop down menu and click the Email Settings option. 

Individual Group Preferences:

This part of your settings area applies to each individual group you are a part of. It applies to the Group Lounge activity and the amount and frequency you receive emails when members post & comment in the lounge. 

Choose the group you'd like to adjust the settings of and click the options that suits you best out of these three options:

Instantly: Get notified each time a member posts & comments in the group
Daily: Receive a daily digest with all member posts & comments
Never:  Mute all email notifications

Manager Announcements: This specific preference applies to any communication made by group or community managers. You can set to recieve email notifications specifically when managers post in the group.


General Preferences

These preferences will apply to all groups you're a part of.
You can choose which notifications you'd like to turn on or off. 

  • Comments on posts i'm following: Receive email notifications when someone comments on posts I’m following
  • Comments on posts I created: Receive email notifications when someone comment on posts I created
  • Private conversations on post I created: Receive email notifications when someone private replies to my posts
  • Chat messages: Receive email notifications on newly arrived chat messages
  • Stats: Receive email notifications with statistics about posts & emails I create
  • Pending Members: Receive email notifications when a member is added to the pending list of a group I manage

Unsubscribing from notifications without logging in to the platform

To switch your subscription settings from email (instead of logging in to the platform), scroll to the bottom of any email you receive, and you can change your settings by clicking update your email preferences link. You will be taken to this screen where you can set your preferences.

NOTE: Unsubscribing from a parent group does not mean you've unsubscribed from a subgroup. Each group has its own unique subscription settings.

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