In the group settings area choose Permissions. Under Adding Members choose the second option to allow members and group managers to invite new members. Click Save.

Once enabled your members can add additional members into the group. 

Note: If you'd like to make sure that the new members added go in to your approval/pending mode, make sure the "Joining the group requires manager's approval" check box is marked. 

If the box is unchecked then these members will be automatically added to the group and will not go through a pending/approval process by the manager.

Members can invite other memebers to the group in 3 ways:

  1. Add one member
  2. Add a list of emails
  3. Share the registration form link on social channels

Members can find the "add member" button in the Members section of the Lounge

By clicking on the Invite Members button they will get a menu with 3 options. 

They can either add one member by filling out their email, name and last name.
Copy and paste a list of emails or share the link to your registration form on social media or via email. 

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