You can add images across your Mobilize account to make it branded and personal for your community.

Cover photos (available on Premium and Enterprise) are minimum 690 * 136.

Header photo images are 1200*236. You can upload any photo larger than that, and you'll be able to crop and zoom your photo easily like this:

You can add header photos to each of your group's registration forms. 

Logo photo images are 100*100. If you don't have a square image and your logo is getting cropped, here's our pro tip. Use your favorite basic editing tool to combine your rectangular logo with a white square (in Powerpoint you can "group" images together), re-save the image, and then import your new square image into Mobilize. You can add a logo to every group and to your overall network.

When you insert an image into a post, we expand to fill the size of the Feed. For example, we'll expand a vertically long and horizontally narrow photo as much as we can, so it will look quite large in the Feed. 

The exact width of the Feed is 650 pixels, in case you want to maximize the width of your original image. A best practice for sharing visual content is to have the image be longer horizontally and narrower vertically, so that it pops without taking up too much space and causing too much scrolling to see more posts. We want to have the image pop, while also seeing multiple posts on the page.

Our two cents :)

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