Before you invite your members to join your community, let's set up your space. 

STEP 1: Add a Community logo

Make it easy for your member to recognize the space they enter by addign a familiar logo that represents your community, To add the logo go to your Community Settings where you’ll see the option to add your community logo:

Note: You can customize colors, add your domain, connect your email domain and more customization options on our Pro and Organization plans. Learn More

STEP 2: Set up your registration form

You can create a custom registration form to each group you create.
To create your registration form, go to your Group Settings and click Registration Form.

STEP 3: Setting up your membership emails:

Make sure each one of your members is welcomed into the community in the best way - and that no one misses out on a special welcome. 

Membership emails are automatic emails that you can set up to be sent to the members at each step of their absorbtion into the community. 

There are 4 emails you can set up for the different stages of the registration process and you can find those emails in your Group Settings under - membership emails. We have prepared some templates for each one of the emails that can go ahead and adapt to your community. 

Invitation to join the group: If you're adding members from an excel or a list of emails you can send them an invitation email with all the information they need to join the group.

After regiatration completed: If you are using a registration form this email will be sent when your member finished filling up the form to let them know they successfuly did so.

Application approved: If you have set your group to - approve manually - then this email will be sent automatically to the members you approve into the group after they have registered.

Application denied: Just in case you don't wish to approve a member into your group, this email will be sent to those you do not approve in to the group. 

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