Gather valuable information from your members by sharing your application form and have it push info to your member database automatically.

You can create a custom registration form to each group you create. 


To create your registration form, go to your Group Settings and click Registration Form. 

You can add a header image to the form at the top and a Form Title and Description below it. For the Form Title, we recommend saying, "Welcome to the X community!". For the Description, we recommend adding the group objectives or terms of agreement. 

How to add a Cover Photo to your registration form:

Create a cover photo that suits your community brand.

Your image should be with the dimensions of 690 X 136 or bigger at the same ratio. 

Add custom fields to your form:

We've added some editable fields to start you off. You can add more fields by clicking the Add Fields button at the bottom of the form. You can choose from existing fields or create new ones:


Add Community Fields Fields- 

Community fields are a great way to add any field that is in another group in your community- have the information linked so if a member updates their information in one group, it will update across all groups.

Create New Fields:

When creating new fields you have several options, from Select drop down menus to Checkboxes and even a Location field that is linked to Google Maps:

Pro Tip: When using the Location field on your form to collect address information, we recommend also creating a text field underneath it to capture detailed address information such as suite or apartment numbers.

Note: when using the Location field, you will not be able to upload data to this field.

Once you've determined the field you want, you need to edit the field Settings.

You can control what information members in your group can see about each other.

You visibility settings will help your members find each other easier and connect based on the information that is important to you and your community. 

Privacy Options and Required Fields



Fields have 3 visibility options:

  1. Everyone in the group: data in these fields is visible to everyone in the group.
  2. Admins and the member: data in these fields is only visible to the admin and that specific member
  3. Admins Only: data in these fields is only visible to the admins (your managers), the member does not see this field on the form or know that this data exists about them in the system. For example: If you want to add some internal comments or instructions about a member that your team and yourself can view, though don't necessarily want your member to read. 

Required FIelds

In this same settings field, you can check off the Required Field box to ensure all members registering will fill out this field.

Here you can also select the edit permissions- you can set whether the member can edit the field, or if it is something only the admin can edit- like a join or renewal date for memberships.

Once you've created your fields, you can either preview the form by clicking the Preview button or you can share the form's URL to recruit new members to sign up!

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