Mobilize's Zap is invite only, it won’t show up on your Zap list out of the box. Click here to get your personal invitation and add Mobilize to your Zap list. Once you accept the invite, you’re ready to go.

Zapier is a third-party service that connects Mobilize to many other apps and services. Three things to know:

  1. An integration between two apps is called a Zap.  
  2. A trigger is an event that happens in one app. 
  3. An action is the event that Zapier automatically performs in another app based on that trigger.

Some examples of Zaps might include:

  • Whenever a new member is added to a group in Mobilize (trigger), create a corresponding contact in Salesforce (action).
  • Whenever a new a new contact is added to Salesforce (trigger), create a new member in Mobilize (action).

Still a little confused?  Check out Zapier's Video:

What triggers and actions are supported by Mobilize?

Triggers supported:

  • Member Created - when a new member is added to a group.
  • Member Updated - when a member is updated

Actions supported:

  • Add Member - when a member is added to a group
  • Update Member - when an existing member in the network is updated

The zap I want is not supported. How do I create one?

If your desired Zap is not supported, please contact us at so that we can review if it will be possible.

How do you set up a Mobilize Zap?

In order to create a Zap, you will need to have an active Premium or Enterprise Mobilize account as well as an account with any of the apps you wish to integrate with and a Zapier account. Follow step by step directions in our Zapier articles here.

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