In your Community Settings you’ll see lots of customization options to help you decide exactly what your community space should look like for your members. Here’s how to choose the colors for your community space, add your background header photo, and add your own Favicon.

Enable custom colors

Go to your Community Settings page and click on the Branding Tab:

First set your Primary Color:

The Primary color you choose will be applied to these items, instead of the Mobilize teal: 

  • Call To Action buttons
  • Links
  • Items that are in a "select" mode

Then set your Secondary Color:

The Secondary color you choose will be applied to these items, instead of the Mobilize dark navy blue: 

  • Group's Navigation bar background
  • Tool Tips
  • Community page header
  • Registration Form header

TIP: We highly recommend using darker colors for the Secondary color. Darker colors will blend best with the font & icon colors in the platform. 

Here's an example of the difference between the Mobilize colors and a different color set:

Mobilize colors

Custom colors

Add your background header

The background header shows on your login page, homepage (if you have at least 1 group set to Open), and your registration forms. See for example the blue ocean in this homepage:

Add your Favicon

Upload a high-resolution favicon. This appears before the title on your members’ browser tab. See the teal triangle in the screenshot above, also zoomed in below. Recommended ratio: 1:1. 150KB max, 588x588 maximum.

Now that your brand colors and icons are set, you can connect you own custom domain (Enterprise only) and custom email domain.

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