The SMS broadcast feature will enable Admins to broadcast messages to the entire group or selected members from the Mobilize web application to the members SMS enabled device. 


Enabling SMS for your group

From the group settings page or the member directory for the group, open the registration form for the group. Scroll to the bottom of the form, click + Add Field, then select the Existing Field called SMS Phone Number and save the registration form changes. Here are directions to purchase additional SMS packs.

Add an SMS phone number for a member

To send an SMS to a member a valid phone number must be added to the SMS Phone Number field associated to their profile. Open the member's profile, enter the phone number in the SMS Phone Number field and Save. Only numbers that align with the phone number format for the country selected will be allowed.

Note: SMS phone numbers may also be added through the API


Compose an SMS

In the Outreach Center, click on Compose and then Send SMS at the top right of the page to open the compose box. Select who you will target for the SMS (All Group or Selected Members), add a message that is 140 characters (including spaces) or less and send your SMS. More directions here.

Note: The number of message recipients targeted who are available to receive the message will be indicated at the top of the box. Members who do not have a valid phone number or who have opted-out of the SMS messaging for the group are not available to receive the SMS message.

View and Follow Up on the SMS

Once the SMS has been sent you may see from the group activity page the details of the message. Like the other posts in your group you have the ability to follow up with the recipients by selecting one of the analytics provided for the post.

SMS Opt-out

First time recipients of an SMS message from the group will receive a welcome message that explains that they may reply back with STOP if they want to opt-out of the messaging from the group. A reply of STOP will generate one more message sent to the user with a confirmation that they have unsubscribed from SMS messages from the group.

Admins may see who has opted-out from SMS messages from the group by opening the group member directory, selecting the drop-down list at the top left and clicking on SMS Opted-out.

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