The first communication you have with new members is very important. It’s the first impression you’re making to your new community. We've seen successful communities create a pinned “welcome” post. Think of it as a virtual welcome booth that should accomplish the following:

• Set the tone for your community
• Address important house rules
• Direct new members to where they can find more information about the community
• Instructions on how new members can introduce themselves

To create a Welcome Post go to your Lounge feed, click "Write something". Give your post an attractive title and add your content below. You can add pictures, animated GIFs and files to the post to make it more engaging. 

Check out this article for some great templates you could use for your Welcome Posts.

PINNED POST: Once you post your welcome post click the drop down menu and choose pin post. This will ensure your welcome post will always stay at the top of the feed and every new member that joins your community will be able to see it.

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