Group Privacy

Registration Form Visibility 

In your group settings, you can choose from the following three options in the drop-down menu:

  1. Private - only members inside the group can view & apply to join the group. The group won't be listed on your Mobilize homepage ( nor be listed as a Suggested Group to members in other groups. Only members you invite or add to the group will be able to join and have access.
  2. Closed - Only members inside the community can view it (as a suggested group). This means that the group will be visible as a Suggested Group for the members on the left hand navigation bar, so they can apply to join the group if they choose to. It won't be listed on your Mobilize homepage (
  3. Open - Anyone can view the group's registration form as a public group form on the community page. An open group will be listed on your Mobilize homepage ( and also be a Suggested Group for your members to join.

Group Visibility

For any of those three options, you can decide what happens after the member applies.

  1. Application doesn't require approval (box unchecked): After a member fills out the registration form, the member lands in the group immediately.
  2. Joining the group requires manager approval: Even if the member can fill out the form in a Closed or Open group, the manager still receives their Pending application and can decide whether to approve the member or not.

Note that if you have a Private group that doesn't require approval to join, it means that anyone can share the link to trusted members of the community so they can join right away. If you want that access to be blocked, make your group Private and Requires Manager Approval.

Adding Member Capabilities

Depending on the nature of your group, you can decide whether to allow members to invite other members or only allow managers to invite members. Note that if you allow members to invite new members, this overrides the group privacy settings.

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