Parent and subgroups help establish the hierarchy and segmentation within your community. Members can be part of specific groups and you can decide the structure.

Note: if you add a member to a subgroup, they will automatically be added to the parent group. If you add a member to the parent group, they are NOT automatically added to the subgroups. 

Creating New Groups and Subgroups:

You can add new groups to your community from 2 places:

  1. Side Navigation Bar
  2. Community Map

To create a new group from the side navigation bar go to the bottom left hand side of your screen and Click Create New Group and follow the prompts.

COMMUNITY NAME: You can give each group any name you like, however when you give your group a unique email address it will depend on the availability of that name in our database. A good trick would be to add your community initials in the email address. 

To add a group from the Community Map go to the map in your community settings area and click on either the Add Group button in the top box, or to add a subgroup by hovering over the group you'd like to create a subgroup for and click the '+' sign below:

Changing the status of your group from Parent Group to Subgroup:

If the group already exists and you want to make it a subgroup of another group go to the Group Settings underneath the Group Name, click the drop down menu to choose which group should be its parent group:

Once you've chosen the parent group, click Save Changes at the bottom. You will see the changes take effect in the side navigation bar and on the Community Map.


Group Permissions:

You can control how your members view and interact with your group by adjusting the settings:

Note: you can always adjust these settings later in the Group Settings.

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