Have a great community event coming up? Set up private and public events straight from the lounge!  

You can add your event set up with the location, time and any other details you choose and invite your members. Members receive the invites straight to their calendars and can RSVP without needing to login or sign up to Mobilize. 

You can also send reminders, update event details directly on their calendar, and send content to event attendees pre and post event. 

Quick tip: Make sure you set up your event with an event image, description and details all before inviting your guests. 

Private Event: Invite specific members & will show up only in the events tab
Public Event: Your whole group will be invited & it will show up in the feed

To create an event, select Event in your lounge feed:

Or you can Create an event in the Event tab:

2. Fill out all the event details - Name, location, timezone and Start/end times. Add your event description to let your attendees know what they can expect at your event. You can include links, images, gifs and files in your event invite. 

At the bottom you can choose whether you'd like your event to be Private or Public.

Adding Members to a Private Event:

Once you have finished adding your event details click "create event". You will get to your Event screen:

Click Invite people and choose the attendees you'd like to invite to your event. Use tags and search to filter easily. Your members will receive an invite directly on their calendars and can RSVP directly from their email inbox.

Editing, deleting, sending reminders and Managing your RSVP list: 

To manage any of your event details or your attendee list click the "Manage Event" button and choose the action you'd like to do.

How do calendar invites work

Calendar invites are sent to invited members along with the invite.  So if your member has instant notifications turned on, they will get the invite onto their calendar the same time they get the email for the event.  If they are set to Daily Digest those members will receive their calendar invitation only when they receive the daily digest email (8am EST the following morning).  If they have email notifications turned off or if they are not invited, the event will be added to their calendar only when they click on Going.

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