Mobilize offers an API that allows you to integrate better with our product. The API is focused on two main flows:

  • Syncing members from a third party service to Mobilize
  • Syncing members from Mobilize to a third party service

You can find the full documentation here.


Can I sync Mobilize to my own database?

Yes, you can sync the Mobilize Member Database to your own internal database by creating a webhook between them.

Who Can Create API Keys?
Currently only the Account Owner can create an API Key

Can I sync posts or any other activity to or from Mobilize?

Our current version of the API is focused only on Member Data syncing. We currently don't support any type of activity syncing. Since we take into consideration your requests when building our product pipeline, please let us know if anything is missing for you within the Member Data syncing, or what types of activities you may want to sync and in what workflows.

Can I create multiple API Keys?

Currently you can generate one API key per community. 

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