Showcase sponsors in your community’s emails or integrate custom messages as part of every new post that members receive via email. You might link to your site, share new offers, announce upcoming meetups and conferences, and more. Create a custom email footer for individual groups or for the community overall.

Create your Custom Email Footer in Community Settings or Group Settings

Custom Email Footers can be created from two different areas in Mobilize. First, by heading to the Branding page in Community Settings.

Or by heading into an individual group’s Email Settings page.

NOTE: Setting the custom email footer from the community settings page will affect all groups in the community.  Individual groups can be later changed. However, once they have been changed manually (from within the group settings), they can not be updated from the community setting page.

How to create your Custom Email Footer

Create a custom email footer by entering the text in the text box on the screen. Once the custom email footer is activated, all posts that are created in the group’s lounge will include a custom footer when they are shared via email.

What your members see

The following is a demo of a Custom Email Footer as it appears in a member's email inbox. (This demo takes place in Gmail.) A post was created in the community and appeared in the member's email inbox as follows.

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