Use this workflow to add members to your mobilize community after performing an action on your site or being added to an external database.

First, select the Zapier application you wish to pull information from.  In this example, we are using Google Sheets, but you can use platforms like Salesforce and Mailchimp- when a user signs up for your newsletter, for example, they can be automatically added into the Mobilize Community and their profile can already be prepopulated with existing information that they gave when signing up.

Tip: Add any Zapier Helpers like Filter to create and/or statements to segment your member’s data to ensure only if all conditions are met, they will be triggered.

Once choosing Add member’ in Zapier’s Action area, make sure to link data points to fields in your Mobilize Registration form.  If you would like to add additional fields, please make sure to add them from your group settings page.   Please note that Group ID and Email are required.

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