In Mobilize, when creating an event, you have the option to invite all your members and add the event to their personal calendar.  To turn off this function, make sure to keep the Send invite to all members unchecked.

With this box unchecked, your members will still get an email invite based on their email notification settings.  The event will still appear on their calendar once they RSVP either through the app, web, or email.

After you've created the event, open it and click on Invite members.

 When you invite your selected members to your private event, you can either Send the invitation to their personal calendar and email, or you can not push it by clicking Don't Send, and the event will be listed in the Events page of the platform and the Feed on the mobile app for that member. They won't be notified about it.

Pro Tip:

Send calendar invites to members who opt in:

On your registration form, create a new radio button field and title it-
Would you like to receive automatic calendar invites for upcoming events

Description: You may still be notified via email for new events, but they may not be shown on your calendar.

 Then give two options:

Yes- I would like to receive an invite that is shown on my personal calendar

No- I would not like to receive an invite on my calendar- 

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