We have all been there, you are stuck and have an issue that you need help with or a burning question you would like to get an answer to.

We are here to make sure that your experience in your community is an enjoyable one, which is why we put together this FAQ filled with articles and GIFs and videos.

A Member's Guide to Mobilize

How do I Contact my Group Manager

Filling out your profile

How to Personalize My Email Notifications

Search the Feed from the Mobile App

Download the Mobile App

Starting a Private Chat in your group

How to Find My Community

How do I reply to an Discussion Post by email?

My emails are ending up in junk folders

If you don’t see your question here, the next step would be to contact your Group Manager.  Looking to find them?  Check out this article and start a Private Chat with them!

Make sure when you contact your community manager, you share with them:

  • A detailed summary of what occured
  • A screenshot of the problem - you can use a free app like CloudApp to make a short recording or take a screenshot
  • The URL where you had this experience (if on web)
  • Name of the browser and kind of device you were using
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