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Moderators can help managers with managing membership, reviewing posts and have most of the admin privileges with a few exceptions such as changing Group Settings, seeing Admin Only fields, and sending out Email Blasts

All group managers show to members in the Lounge --> Member Directory (if you have it set to visible) --> Managers.


Here's how to add or change the group manager.

Go to your group settings, click on Managers, click Add New Group Moderator button, select the person or their email in the popup, and then click Add Moderator.

Group Moderators do not have the full capabilities of a Group Manager. 



Group Moderator View

When added, the group moderator will get an email like this one:

Once entered into the community, they will also see this popup explaining the role in the community along with the permissions associated with it.

As a moderator, you can:

Create Announcements

Delete Posts and comments

Add Members

Remove Memebrs

Group Moderator or Group Manager?

We make it very easy to distinguish between Group Managers.  Group Managers have a Crown next to their name while Moderators have a shield both in the member database:

And in a Manager’s profile:

Or a Moderator’s profile:

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