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While designing your logos and icons for your custom branded Mobilize app, we urge you to first read Apple's own guidelines for creating a good mobile app.
Apple's UI Guidelines for iOS  app icons and images


App Name

App Name is one of the strongest ranking factors, that is responsible for both search results rankings and conversion rate of an app.

The length of App Name is 30 characters and can be changed only when submitting a new version. To compensate for so little available space, there’s a Subtitle field complementing it in order to add a brief description.

The best advice is to keep a brand name short and memorable for the users and use the rest of the space to include some of your core keywords. Later we will talk about other benefits of having keywords there.


Subtitle is a 30 character field, it is located right below App Name. It is primarily meant to summarize a product in an additional sentence and highlight the best features of your app or game.

It was confirmed that Subtitle affects keyword rankings, so this field can be used for adding some more keywords.

It will also appear on Top Charts, and will have an effect on the click-through rate, turning the users who found your app in search results or Top Charts into visitors of your product page.


On Apple App Store the developer name is located below the fold (below description), so the users need to scroll to get to see it. So, developer name has hardly any effect on conversion rate.

However, a positive historic record of the developer can have a great effect on rankings and can help your app to get featured on Today, Apps or Games tabs.

Developer name can appear in search results, and thus, affect Search ASO.


The description is fixed and developers can’t change it.

The description is a 4,000 character field, but the most important part of it is the first sentence (the first 3 lines), because this is the part which the users can see without having to tap to read more (so it affects the Conversion Rate).

A few tips for a perfect description from Apple:

  • Highlight the key features of your product, focus on its uniqueness.
  • Be clear and concise, transmit the core value of your app to the users.
  • Use your brand tone to communicate with your target audience.


Icon is one of the most prominent elements of on-metadata – the first element that users see when they find the app in search, or Top Charts (Games or Apps tabs). So, the icon has a very strong effect on click-through rate and conversion rate.

Apple requires every developer to supply icons in small and large size. Small ones are used on the Home screen and throughout the system when the app is installed on devices, and large one is used in the App Store.

In addition to that, an app needs to provide smaller icons to be used in Spotlight, Settings, and Notifications. Read more about the requirements in Apple’s guidelines for icons here.

App Icon Attributes

All app icons should adhere to the following specifications.

AttributeValueFormat PNG Color space sRGB or P3 (see Color Management) Layers Flattened with no transparency Resolution Varies. See Image Size and Resolution Shape Square with no rounded corners 

Spotlight, Settings, and Notification Icons:

A few tips on how to optimize (or create) your icon:

  • Make it simple and recognizable – the icon should give the users a clear idea what is your app about.
  • Work with simple forms and harmonizing colors, don’t overload it with too many details.
  • Think of scalability: your icon should be visible in any size.
  • Stay consistent to the overall style of your app.
  • Match your icons: don’t create a confusion with your icon being different on the App Store and on the user devices.
  • Avoid text!
  • Test and identify the best performing icon with A/B testing tools.
  • Test against different backgrounds – make sure your icon will be clear and visible against any wallpaper.


Setting up Your Apple Developer Account:

**Developer account must be registered as a company or organization (NOT an individual account)

Follow the directions on Apple's website here

Setup App Store Connect account under your developer account
Follow the directions on Apple's website here

Invite Mobilize to your account
As an Admin use the email included in your onboarding email

Give Mobilize access to Developer Resources

** Make sure to keep the Monday Board up to date with your progress and ask any questions there :)

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