Check to see how your members are receiving their email notifications from the member database to help your members if they are having any email troubles.

As a Manager, head to the Member Database and scroll right-

There are three different options you will see in two different columns-

Lounge Emails are all posts from members in that group’s lounge and all non-announcement posts by managers.

Manager Emails refer to Announcement posts in your group as well as Outreach Emails.

Within each column, there are three different settings for how your members receive your group’s posts.

Subscribed-  Your member will get instant notifications when a member or manager posts.

Subscribed Daily-  Your member will get a daily digest at the end of the day with posts that occured in the last day.

Unsubscribed-  Your member will not get these emails from your community.

Only your members have the ability to change these settings due to privacy regulations.  If you would like to learn more, check out this article here.

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