We know that sometimes getting your group to be more active can be a challenge. So we've put together some hacks and tips that we have gathered over the last couple of years, from us and from other leading community leaders.

1. Use emojis in the Subject line - It always helps your communication stand out from the crowd

2. Try to use a subject line that will spark their curiosity - something like a question .. or newsworthy.. don't give away the gist of the post in the title, rather.. make it something that would make them want to go in and engage

3. Ask questions - make it about them.. ask what they would like to read about or get out of the group, what interests them the most and when they answer, make sure to follow up with content along those lines. 

4. Polls are always great engagers! Create fun polls to ask your members to give their opinions and get to know each other better 

5. Make it personal. Try to highlight key members, tell their stories, ask them to share their points of view and content. Make them feel like the superstars. 

6. Use the human wealth you have in your community - you have no idea how much power and advice they can offer each other! Talk to the key players and make them a "part of the team" and let them send out some of the posts so that the other members see that this is not just a one-sided content road

7. If someone posts see what other members can help them and ask them privately to answer their post. Sometimes it takes a little nudge to get started.

8. Create a content calendar and routine - member AMA/highligh on Monday, Sharing a win on Thursdays, monthly discussion topics, member-hosted conversations - try to create a routine that will help keep the conversation going. 

9. Here you can find some ideas for content - this is also a place for Community Leaders to share their own examples and templates: https://www.mobilize.io/blog/community-academy

10. Take Human Wealth to the next level - create a member-leadership team - find the members that want to help and lead the community - those who want to share more content, welcome new members, and help moderate.

11. Create sub-groups based on topics, locations or whatever common interests your members have - that will enable you to create more intimate circles and will keep conversations relevant

Here's a free webinar I've done with David Spinks from CMX with some more practical tips on how to grow online engagement as your community scales: https://www.mobilize.io/blog/grow-online-communityhttps://www.mobilize.io/blog/grow-online-community

I hope that this helps you a bit and let me know how you went :) 

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