It might sound silly, but adding the occasional GIF can seriously increase your engagement rate. They portray an emotion or expression that sometimes you just can’t get from words alone. So go ahead and occasionally throw one in and see how much it helps out your posts!

Tips and Tricks

  • Keep ’em short. Shoot for a 3-second GIF length to satisfy that short attention span of ours.
  • Keep ’em simple. Don’t overuse them. GIFs are enjoyable and can be very engaging, but they’re not for every post, use wisely!
  • Keep ’em relevant. Only use GIFs when they are relevant. They’re perfect to use when you’re trying to convey an expression or add a bit of humor to the post.
  • Keep ’em fun. Use a GIF only if it’s fun and enjoyable to watch. They’re a quick opportunity to showcase the exciting nature of your post in a way that simple text can’t convey. Have fun with it.

The easiest way to add a GIF to your post would be to save the image to your computer and upload it from there like any other photo.  

Note:  Due to copyright law, some GIFs online may not be able to be downloaded or copied.  If this is the case, contact the GIF creator for more information

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