*Uploading by CSV or Excel is only available to Community Managers and Account Owners

The process is almost the same as adding members. The only difference is that you won't have any new email addresses in your spreadsheet, so Mobilize will simply update records for those existing emails.

Enter the group where you want to update member data, go to the Member Database, click Add Members, and choose Upload excel.

Let's say you have 10 columns of data, including email, for 1,000 members. You want to update only 1 column, let's say Company Name, for 100 members. You would then import a spreadsheet with only with 2 columns, Email and Company Name, and only 100 rows of members. You don't need to re-import the other 8 columns or the other 900 emails, because that data isn't changing. Those other 8 columns and those other 900 members will not be touched in any way. 

If you do import a row of a member email and the other column has a blank cell, it means you are deleting the data point, i.e. Company Name, and making it blank in your database.

For more detailed steps on the import process after you click Upload excel, please see the section of this article called Uploading an Excel or CSV file.

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