While creating a group, you can decide if there is no parent group, or if your new group will be a sub group underneath a parent group. 

If your groups already exist and you need to adjust the structure, you can use the Group Settings to adjust the parent group in order to update your group architecture.

Add a new subgroup

To add a group, click Create Group in the bottom left corner of the platform. 

You can also add groups from the Community Map and immediately have the right structure. First, navigate to the map in your community settings area.

Click on either the + Add Group button in the top box, or add a subgroup with the right structure you want already by hovering over the parent group where you want a subgroup, and click the [ + ] sign below:

Only Community Managers and Account Owners have this capability to create a new group. 

Changing the subgroup - parent group structure in your existing group architecture

If the group already exists and you want to make it a subgroup of another group, go to the Group Settings, stay in General, and click the Parent Group drop down menu to choose which group should be its parent group:

Once you've chosen the parent group, click Save Changes at the bottom. You will see the changes take effect in the side navigation bar and on the Community Map. 

It also means that data will flow according to your new structure. Subgroup database/registration form fields will automatically be added to the parent group form, and members of the sub group will automatically be added to the parent group.

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