Member Database

In your Member Database, you have a default column called Registered, and members can be marked Yes or No for that column.

A member who does the following is marked as Registered = Yes:

  1. Reaches your online community via either an invitation to fill out their profile, by navigating directly to your registration form, or by clicking Join conversation from the footer of an email
  2. Fills out their profile on your registration form
  3. Creates a password or logs in via Facebook, LinkedIn, or Single Sign On (Enterprise)
  4. Lands in the Lounge of the group

That happens once, and then the member is marked as Registered.

The information they filled out in the registration form is now in their member profile. They can always go back to the form or to their profile within the platform to edit their profile. That does not changed their Registered status, since they already registered before.

Group Emails

A benefit of Mobilize is that your members can participate without ever logging in, registering, or downloading an app. You can add a list of emails, and then those people are immediately group members. Group members can receive all group emails in their email inbox. Members don't need to register in order to receive emails.

If you happen to turn on the ability for members to post a discussion, a non-registered member has the same capability to post a discussion from their email as a registered member. The registration makes no difference in that discussion posting capability. Any group member in a group where posting a discussion is allowed can send an email to, for example,

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