There are two types of emails that count as a Manager Announcement. Your members can subscribe or not to those specific emails in each group, and you can see the Manager Emails subscription in your Member Database.

How to announce a post as a manager or moderator in the feed

Wondering what Announce this means? Here's your answer!

As a manager or moderator you have posting super powers!

When you click Post you will get 2 options:

1) Yes, announce

  • Post to the feed, and your post will get sent instantly via email to everyone in the group.
  • If your group is set to Instant, then this sending via email behavior is the same
  • If your group is set to Daily or Never, then this will override that group setting and send this post directly via email
  • Announcements are also highlighted in the feed with a special announcement badge that looks like a bullhorn
  • If a member has unsubscribed from Lounge emails but has remained subscribed to Manager Announcements in this group, then the member will get this email notification

2) No, just post

This means you will post to the feed based on the regular, default email notification settings of your group (Instant, Daily Digest, or Never). It also means that if a member unsubscribed from Lounge emails, the member will not get this email notification.

Here's a post in the Feed with the Announcement badge:

You can check if members are subscribed or not to your Manager Emails in a particular group, separately from Lounge Emails of that group, in your Member Database (of that group). Remember that these subscription settings live at the group level.

Finally, this Manager Emails subscription status also applies to email blasts that you send as a manager via the Outreach Center. Here's what the subscription columns look like in your Member Database:

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