When you want to sync members from a third party service (Salesforce, Marketo or any other service in Zapier) to Mobilize, you should set up a Zap where your third party service is the trigger app and Mobilize is the action app.

This way, any time a member or contact is created in your third-party service, it can be automatically added to your Mobilize platform to a specific group.

Step 1 - Set up your third party service as a trigger

Let’s say you have a Google Sheet with a list of contacts.

You’d like to sync the Sheet to Mobilize so that every time a new contact is added to the Sheet, it will automatically be added to a Mobilize group.

  • Select “New or Updated Spreadsheet Row" as a trigger.
  • Connect to Google Account
  • Select the “My Contacts” spreadsheet to sync

Step 2 - Select Mobilize as an Action App

Search for the Mobilize app in the “Choose an action app” section. 

Notice that Zapier has “Code” and “Filter” apps that can be used to manipulate and filter data.

Step 3 - Choose Action

Our Zap supports one action:

  • Add or Update Member - Mobilize supports one action which allows to add a member to a group or update the member’s info

Select it and continue.

Step 4 - Connect Account

If this is your first Mobilize Zap, you’ll need to authenticate your Mobilize account before continuing. You can find the instructions for connecting your Mobilize account here.

Step 5 - Setup Mobilize Member

In this step, you’ll select the group that you’d like to add the user to and map the fields from the Google Sheet to the Mobilize member.

You must select a group that the user will be added to. 

Map the custom fields
You can map the fields you want from your Google Sheet to Mobilize. Only the Group and Email fields are required. 

  • When mapping a field to a Mobilize checkbox field, the data needs to be comma separated. For example, let’s assume you defined a checkbox field named “Skills” in Mobilize that can get the values “Analytical”, “Conceptual”, “Critical”, “Problem Solving” and “Other” is turned on. You’ll have to make sure when mapping the fields, that the member’s Skills would be comma separated in the following format: “Critical, Problem Solving”. In lots of the Zapier apps, this behavior comes out of the box.

** Sometimes the data field that comes from the trigger app can be in a different structure or format than what Mobilize accepts. In this case, you can turn to your developer to add a “Code” action that will manipulate the data between Mobilize and the third-party service. You can find the guide here.

Step 6 - Test the Zap and you’re Done

Zapier will perform a test and try to sync your contact to Mobilize. Make sure that you’re happy with the behavior and you’re ready to go.

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