When you want to sync members from Mobilize to a third party service (Salesforce, Marketo, Google Sheets, etc...), you should set up a Zap where Mobilize is your Trigger app, and the third party service is your Action app.

This way, any time a member in Mobilize is being created or updated, you’ll be able to see this member in your third party app

Step 1 - Select a trigger

Our Zap supports two triggers:

  • Member Created -  triggers when a new member is being created or added to your community. It can happen when users register on your registration form, when you import an excel of users, or just invite users one by one.
  • Member Updated - triggers when a profile of an existing member is updated and when a member is added to a new group 

Select the one that fits your needs and click on “Continue”.

Step 2 - Connect Account

If this is your first Mobilize Zap, you’ll need to authenticate your Mobilize account before continuing. You can find the instructions for connecting your Mobilize account here.

Step 3 - Pull samples

In this step, Zapier will pull a data sample from Mobilize.

Click on Fetch and you’ll be able to view all the data from a random member from your community. This gives you the ability to understand what information you can get from Mobilize and how you can leverage it when connecting Mobilize to another service.

Member structure

Groups:  a list of groups that the member is part of, which includes the member’s role in a group, group_id and more. 

Email: the email of the member

Fields: the profile data fields of this member

Step 4 - Action

At this point, the trigger is ready. Now you can select the app that you’d like to connect to and follow their guide.

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