Leaving a Community

To leave a community and delete yourself from a community, go to the drop down arrow at the top of the screen (just by the name of the community) and click Leave Community

When you click "Leave community" a pop up window will show up that will ask you whether you'd like to leave the community:

You can choose to:

  • Either Keep or delete all your content (posts & comments) from all groups

By ticking the checkbox you choose to delete any association with the community and leave no trace of your user in the community (Votes on polls, RSVP’s to events, posts and discussions, comments, private messages or anything else that they have created).

For Community Owners and Managers

What if the person leaving is a manager and is the only manager in specific groups inside the community?

The account Owner would become the manager of those groups and will receive an in-app notification that the manager has left the groups and that you are now the manager of those groups.

What if the member is the only manager in the entire community?
In this case the "leave community" option will not be available. You can transfer ownership of the community to another person and then leave the group. 

What happens to the member after they leave the community?
If the member left the community & deleted their data, then all their chat conversations will show the name “Unknown User” instead of their name. All their messages will be visible to other members as “Deleted message”.

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