You can make an event open to the group as Public, or Private for only specific or segmented members of the group. You can also decide if the guests get notified or not via email and calendar. Here are your options!

Public Events

Public & automatically send email invites*

  • Your event will be listed on the Events tab, on the Feed, and sent to all via email and calendar.

Public, uncheck the box to send invites:

  • Your event will be listed on the Events tab, but invites to all members will not be sent out
  • Members can browse the Events tab and RSVP proactively
  • You can notify members via email later if you choose

If you want to allow anyone who isn't in the group yet to access your event, make sure your group is set to Open an does not require manager approval to join. New members will see your event right away in the Feed or the Events tab and be able to RSVP.

Private Events

  • Your event will be listed initially for admins only on the Events tab, not listed on the Feed, and not yet sent to anyone via email/calendar
  • You'll have the option to later invite specific members of the group. Those specific members will then see the Event on the Events tab, not in the Feed, and they will get the email and calendar invite
  • If you invite all members to a Private event, the event still will not show in the Feed, and future members who join won't be able to see it (unless you invite them)

If you set an event as Private or Public, it remains in that setting, so you won't be able to change it afterwards. 


*This does depend on the user email frequency being set to instant.
*Office 365 and some Email platforms do not allow events from emails to be automatically added to your calendar.  Please check with your IT department to see how you can automatically add .ICS files to your calendar

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