You can import phone numbers in bulk to the Phone Number field, which is used for sending SMS from Mobilize. 

You'll need 1 column for Email, and 1 column for the Phone Number. Mobilize requires an email address for every unique record in your database.

Each phone number needs to be without any parentheses, spaces, hyphens, dots, or other special characters.

Finally, each phone number needs to start with the country code. For example, the US number 415-800-2047 would be imported as 14158002047. If you were adding 06-1122-3344 in France, it would be entered as 33611223344.

A few Excel tricks in case you have lots of formatting in your phone numbers:

  • Try the =trim() formula to get rid of extra spaces in the beginning and end
  • Use Find & Replace to delete characters like these: (-_.) (just remember to do that in a separate sheet away from all other data, and only do Find & Replace on that sheet - we don't want to cause changes to your other columns)
  • For all numbers in a given country code, concatenate your data by adding a new column for the number you'll import, and then use =CONCAT(1,B2), where 1 is the country code for the US for example, and B2 is the cell with the phone number before adding on the country code.

If you want to import phone numbers but don't intend to use them for SMS (i.e they are Home Numbers or other secondary numbers for reference only, then we recommend importing your data as is into a plain Text field.

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