Integrate between Mobilize and Slack, enabling you to sync new members from your Mobilize community to Slack.

The suggested solution supports the requested flow in which, new members who were approved to join your community on Mobilize, automatically get an invitation to join the corresponding Slack community.

Here's how:

You will need to build a small webapp that communicates with both Mobilize and Slack through an API.

The webapp will be in charge of listening to whenever a new member is approved to join your community on MObilize and then call Slack in order to send an invitation to the new members.

There are 3 steps in the webapp flow:

  1. Listen to the “Member Approved” webhook
  2. Get member’s info 
  3. Send invitation to Slack

Accessing Mobilize’s API

To use Mobilize’s API, you will have to generate a token using the following guide.

Listen to “Member Approved” webhook

Subscribe to a “Member Approved” webhook, and get notified whenever a user is approved in the community.

You will be notified with:

  • User ID
  • Group ID

Get Member Info

Once the user is created, you can get all the necessary info including email address and group joined using this API call.

Integration with Slack

Go here and generate a token to your app. Make sure that you have admin privileges for the app to be able to access to all API.

Invite a new member to Slack

Use the following API call to slack in order to invite the new member using email address.

curl -X POST '' \
--data 'email=EMAIL&token=TOKEN&set_active=true' \

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