Daily Digest is a great and easy way to quickly keep up with recent activity within your community.

Every day, in the early evening, members who select this Daily Digest option will receive a breakdown of new posts in a group, highlighting a few posts from that day and allowing you to enter into the community to see all new posts.

The Daily Digest is built based on your current timezone and will be sent out as such- no matter if you are in London or LA, you can end your day getting an easy and quick way to keep in touch with your community.

Easily jump right into any post my clicking on the post from your email- you will be taken directly to the post and see any comments or updates :)

Pro Tip:  Change your email settings right from your email by clicking on the link at the bottom of every Mobilize email- VIsit your email preferences

Want to change your email notification frequency for each of your groups?  Check out this article

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