Can I sync my members both ways?

In some cases, you’d want to a sync between Mobilize and your third party app (Let’s use Salesforce as an example) that goes both ways:

=> Every time a member is created in Salesforce, you’d want this member to be added to your Mobilize community

<= Every time a member is being created or updated in Mobilize, you’d like to sync their data back to Salesforce.

This is possible by creating two Zaps:

  • One where Salesforce would be the trigger app and Mobilize would be the action app to add users from Salesforce to Mobilize
  • Another where Mobilize would be the trigger app and Salesforce would be the action app, to sync member data back to Salesforce. 

How can I sync my already existing members to Mobilize?

Let’s say that you’d like to sync contacts from Salesforce to Mobilize so that every time a new contact is created in Salesforce, it would automatically be added to Mobilize.

BUT, you already have a list of contacts that exist on Salesforce. Will it sync them as well?

You can do the sync, but you’ll have to do it manually by exporting an excel of your contacts from Salesforce (or any other 3rd party service) and importing this excel to Mobilize. Zapier does not support backward syncing.

Why can’t I see Mobilize in Zapier?

Since our Zap is invite only, it won’t show up on your Zap list out of the box. Click here to get your personal invitation and add Mobilize to your Zap list. Once you accept the invite, you’re ready to go.


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