As a manager you can control the email frequency and amount of emails that go out to your group members. 

Each member can later update their own preferences (link) under their own account settings. The moment that the member changes their own email preferences, the default group settings that you set will change to suit the member's preferences. 

NOTE: When you set the defult group settings it affects posts and comments that are made by members, NOT the posts that you and other managers create. 

Group Email Frequency options:

Instantly: Everyone will get notified by email once the post or reply are created
Note: You have an option to reduce the amount of emails sent by muting email notifications for comments. 

Daily: Everyone will get a daily digest with all the posts and comments created
Never: Email notifications for posts and comments will be disabled

TIP: If you want your members to receive real time activity notifications from the group, switch to Instantly. If you check the box to Disable comments notifications, then your members will get fewer emails. They won't get emails for each reply that is sent in a thread. If you DO want your members to get reply-all comments in their email inbox, uncheck that box.


As a manager you have 2 super capabilities that you can choose from when posting in the group. 

  1. Post Only - Means that you post in the Lounge feed without it being sent by email to your members.
  2. Announcement - This means you OVERRIDE the group email frequency preferences that you or your members set, and the post is sent by email instantly to all members. Here's how it looks:

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