This email will be automatically sent to members whom you manually or automatically approve into the group. 

This is your opportunity to give some important info about the group to your member. 

This template has all the unique links you need to provide your member so that they can follow and engage with the group the way that they choose. You can modify and change this email as you like.

Let's discuss the case where new members can join via a registration form, and it does not require approval. This is common when a member joins a Suggested Group within the community, like a support channel, a job board, or a topic-specific group that is open to existing community members.

If joining the group doesn't require approval, and the member fills out the form to join, they are approved automatically. In that case, they will get the Application Approved email. 

The Application Approved membership email template goes out whether the member was approved automatically or manually. 

If you have a few optional groups for existing members to join (set to Closed and doesn't require approval as in the GIF above), you may want to keep those Application Approved emails shorter because the member will already understand that they're part of this community. For example, a quick reminder of the purpose of that subgroup and the group email alias can suffice.

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