You can see message-level engagement analytics, community-level trends and most active members and groups, and you can see activity history and subscription status for each member. 

Message Engagement Analytics

For every message, you can see top level stats, or dive in by clicking on any of the figures.

You can also take action and follow up with a specific subset of your message recipients, based on how they engaged with your message. The follow up action can be an Email Blast, an SMS, or you can add them to another group.

In the drop down menu of Mobilize the members who..., you can see all possible engagements to update the member list below.

You can even poke the people who didn't engage!

Community Analytics

In the paid plans, you can see the following metrics:


  • Posts
  • Groups
  • Admins
  • Members
  • Registered Members
  • Pending Members

Overtime by month/week/day

  • Posts
  • New members

Last month/week/day

  • Posts open rate
  • Most active groups
  • Most active members

Member Subscription Status

In your manager's Member Database, you can see columns for Lounge Emails and Manager Emails. Here you can filter subscription status by Subscribed (Instant), Daily Digest, or Unsubscribed (Never) across all members in that group. 

Member Activity History

For each member, you can view all their profile data and activity history:

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